Rattler Gator: The Obamas > Chrihanna; Brown's Political Future in Doubt

ESPN: Michael Vick's Mansion Up for Auction, You Still Can't Afford It

Funny or Die: Prop 8: The Musical—Because Controversy Sounds Better Harmonized

MM: Down with Obama's Hero Shots! 'Mission Accomplished' Money Shot Better!

Think Progress: Glen Beck Says Stem-Cell Research Leads to Search for 'Master Race;' Worried He Won't Be Invited to Party


J & J Politics: Cops in Texas Jacking Black Motorists, Obviously Have Perfectly Good Explanation

WP: Democrats Stung By Some Dissention in Ranks, Attempt to Make Kool-Aid More Delicious


Politico: First Lady Makes First Trip Outside Beltway, Heads to Fort Bragg

Kausfiles: Warren Buffett Criticizes Obama, Found Out This Morning Assets Have Been Earmarked

Daily Beast: Take Nicole Brown Simpson's Advice, Rihanna: It Doesn't Get Better From Here

Black News: Court Refuses to Expand Minority Voting Rights, South Rising Again

Associated Press: First Black Comic Up for Auction; Surprisingly, Obama Not on Cover


Deadspin: Stephen Jackson Compares Himself to Bruce Leroy, Buzz Needn't Use Follow-Up Quip

Al Jazeera: Dozens Killed in Iraq Suicide Bombing

ESPN: Tampa Bay Linebacker Attacked by Girlfriend, Chris Brown Shouts "See?"

BET: Baltimore NAACP Leader Arrested for Drugs; The Wire Not Off Air After All

HuffPo: Barkley's Jail Stint May Cause Him to Emerge a Role Model, Buzz Is Not Holding Breath

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