Trump's Travel Ban Could Expand Into an Immigration Ban Under Proposed Policies

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Tonight I bring to you yet another example of the current administration being nothing but a group of white supremacists.


CNN reports that the Trump administration has drafted plans not only to renew its infamous travel ban but to expand it to include restricting immigration from seven more countries. If you recall, shortly after being inaugurated in Jan. 2017 Trump issued an executive order banning travel from several countries with majority Muslim populations. In 2018, the third version of the ban was upheld by the Supreme Court. The administration says that the current plan would limit immigrant visas from certain countries and various other visas from different countries.

It should be noted that Stephen Miller, the Senior Adviser to the President, is a white nationalist. It should also be noted that said white nationalist is in charge of the President’s immigration policy. While the administration line is that this is about national security and safety and all that good stuff, when you look at some of their other immigration policies it starts to seem like an effort to just keep brown people out the country. There’s also the fact that emails have leaked from Miller where he straight up says he want’s to limit immigration “for assimilation purposes.” It’s white nationalism, y’all. Just in case you weren’t sure. 

The plans are still being reviewed with the currently impeached President to make the final decision on the changes. Though, given he too is a white nationalist, I don’t see this getting any better.

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These days most from those “shithole” countries do not want to travel to the U.S. This is why American universities are concerned about declining enrollment. This is why companies dependent upon labor from immigrants are concerned (because no one in middle ‘Murica is going to go into the fields, be out on a roof in 100 degree weather, or work 12 hours in a meat plant). You will limit the tax base because regardless of some idiotic statements, immigrants (including undocumented) contribute to the sales tax base by millions of dollars.

But go ahead, ban them all and further alienate us from the rest of the world.