Trump's 'Public Charge' Ruling Takes Effect; Makes Legal Immigration Harder

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President of the United States and sentient roast beef sandwich, Donald Trump has a severe distaste for the law and brown people. When he’s not actively trying to sabotage our judicial system he’s making sure to let black and brown folks know that he isn’t fucking with them like that. Take today’s news for instance.


CBS News reports that the Trump administration’s expansion of the “public charge” rule went into effect on Monday. The change went through numerous legal hurdles before the Supreme Court capitulated to the whims of a racist. The change essentially puts in place a wealth test for any immigrant who’s seeking to come here legally. It expands the powers of both the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security to determine whether an immigrant is or could be a “public charge,” someone who could potentially be an economic burden. These new criteria would take into account their age, health, English proficiency and education level.

According to experts, this change will result in hundreds of thousands of potential immigrants being denied entry. Immigrants from Asia, Africa and Latin America are set to be the ones most affected by the new requirements. Additionally, the rule change could have a “chilling effect” on immigrants who meet the requirements but fear what could happen should they unexpectedly need public assistance.

I never want to hear a white person talk about the American Dream ever again. You can’t keep stacking the deck against people just trying to look for a better life and then talk about “well if they just pull themselves up by their bootstraps.” Most people come to this country to provide a better life for their families, to seek better opportunities than their home country could provide. They’re denying folks that in favor of Kyle and his C-average.

There is a bitter irony in a man with a fourth grade speaking level and a history of bad finances applying rules that judge how worthy a person is by their wealth and intelligence. The saddest part is that this is the kind of law that gets lost in the shuffle. No one is running on the platform of easing immigration restrictions and with all the shit this dude has broken over the last three years, this is yet another thing that will have to be repaired. By the time someone gets around to fixing this wrong, the message will have already been sent:

We only want your healthy, your rich, your middle-class yearning for a change of pace.

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The best part is one of his boys went on and on about how they needed immigration in NYC and N. Jersey because they can’t find cheap labor any more.