Trump-Supporting Republican Strategist Kimberly Klacik Announces Run for Elijah Cummings’ Maryland Seat

Kimberly Klacik
Kimberly Klacik
Screenshot: Fox News

Stacey Dash had better look out.

There’s another black beauty coming up in conservative political ranks—and this one is running and gunning for power in what could be a hotly contested election next year.


Rising Republican strategist Kimberly Klacik has announced that she will run for the late Rep. Elijah Cummings’ congressional seat.

“I am throwing my hat on the race for the 7th Congressional District,” Klacik, 37, said according to the Baltimore Sun. “I’ve seen firsthand what a lot of people are going through. Our violent crime is up 52% in Baltimore County and it’s rising in Baltimore City, too. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”

The outlet noted that the Baltimore County Republican official, who goes by “Kim K for Congress,” does not live in the 7th District but promises to move there from Middle River, where she currently resides, if elected.

According to her LinkedIn page, the former Georgetown University hotel manager attended Bowie State University and the College of Southern Maryland.

Cummings, who died on Oct. 17 at age 68, has held the congressional district seat for more than two decades.

Klacik has been an outspoken critic of the living conditions in Baltimore; her social media posts showing garbage, rodents and abandoned homes are reportedly what led to Poor POTUS to launch a scathing attack on Cummings and the popular Maryland city.


Donald John engaged in a war of words with the former chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee earlier year when he described Baltimore as a “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.”


“Elijah Cummings has failed baldy,” he wrote on Twitter in July.

During a Saturday appearance on Fox News’ America’s News HQ: Weekend with host Ed Henry, Klacik defended Trump’s comments about the city.


“He was literally repeating what everybody has been saying for years,” she said.

She also co-signed his “Black Voices” rhetoric about Democratic candidates caring more about illegal aliens than they do African Americans.


“They put illegals first and that has to stop, that has to end,” she said. “We’re Americans, we helped build this country.”

Klacik said that Democrats “actively vote against things that offer the black community more opportunities.”


The reigning beauty pageant queen wants to be a part of changing that.

“We need stronger Republican voices against socialism, against the ‘Squad’... and just helping with his policies and draining the swamp. And I think, honestly, the American people need stronger voices on transparency within Congress.”


“We need changes—not just in Baltimore but on Capitol Hill.”

She said she knows the road to the February special election is going to be an “uphill battle” but is willing to do the grassroots work to get there.


“I’m going to knock on every door, I’m going to shake every hand and I’m going to listen to everyone in the community and figure out what we can do to make a difference,” she added.

Klacik is planning to officially launch her campaign at an oyster restaurant on Tuesday evening.


Now y’all keep the shuckin’ (and jiving) jokes to yourselves, please.



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