Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) takes a bite of chicken after Attorney General William Barr was a no show for a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill May 2, 2019 in Washington, DC.
Photo: Mark Wilson (Getty Images)

While the rest of the world was thoroughly amused at Rep. Steve Cohen’s decision to mock Attorney General William Barr’s no call, no show at the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Fox News hand puppets Diamond and Silk—professionally known as Shuck and Jive—took umbrage at Cohen’s methods in doing so.

Outside of blatantly calling Barr a “chicken, Cohen taunted Barr with a ceramic chicken and devoured a bucket of KFC in case Barr missed the memo the other two times. But Diamond and Silk are crying foul because apparently Cohen’s choice of protein left a bad taste in their mouths.


On Friday, during a segment on Fox & Friends, the un-dynamic duo got some shit off their chest when asked about Cohen’s comical stunt.

“Well you know, he’s racially insensitive is what I think,” Diamond said.

“Yeah,” Silk chimed in.

Wait, what?

Now listen, I know I know. Black folks are serious about our chicken.


But anyone with even an iota of common sense knows Cohen’s stunt had absolutely nothing to do with our black asses and everything to do with making a spectacle out of embarrassing Barr.

So put down the pitchforks, ya’ll. This ain’t our fight.

We have far more important wars to wage, like Florida’s new bill to impede the restoration of felon voting fights—or #Mayochella.


If anything, I’m offended he was eating KFC. Who the hell eats that shit?

Menace to supremacy. Founder of Extraordinary Ideas and co-host and producer of The Extraordinary Negroes podcast. Impatiently waiting for ya'll to stop putting sugar in grits.

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