Fox News screenshot

So now that Donald Trump has made it very plain that he is a racist, Nazi-sympathizing piece of shit who was elected by equally racist, white-trash pieces of shit and is proud to represent them, little Timmy and Becky are crying white tears over being misunderstood for defending him.

First, let’s start off with that not-so-tough guy, neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell, who was featured on Vice News brandishing guns and threatening violence on national TV. Well, as The Root’s own Yesha Callahan reports, Cantwell is crying like a little baby after learning there’s a warrant out for his arrest. Here is a short breakdown of his white tears:

“I don’t know what to do. I need guidance,” Punk Ass Cantwell said, crying into the camera.

“We are trying to make this peaceful. We are trying to be law-abiding,” he sobbed, like the little bitch he is.

“I’m terrified,” he said, after probably realizing shit just got really real. “I think you’re going to kill me.”


Watch his bitch-ass white-boy tears pour out below:

Then we have a young white supremacist who was chanting racist things at the Charlottesville, Va., protests before some folks chased him. He took off his modern-day Hitler Youth uniform in an attempt to hide in the crowds.


“Peace, bro,” he seems to have said, raising his hands as he took off a white T-shirt. “I’m not really white power, man. I just came here for fun. Fuck.”

We do not know his name (let’s call him something really white, like Timmy).

When asked by someone recording him why he was saying racist things if he wasn’t a white supremacist, Timmy said, “To be quite honest, I love to be offensive. It’s fun.”


Yeah, but he was running and crying like a little baby when he thought he was going to get his ass beat. Watch the video for yourself.

Last but not least, we have Fox Business News anchor Melissa Francis, who, after arguing back and forth with panelist Marie Harf on Fox News’ Outnumbered over Trump’s Jim Crow-like comments at his presser yesterday, went full-scale Becky with a quiet storm of white tears.


“I am so uncomfortable having this conversation because I know what’s in my heart,” Becky—I mean Francis—said. “And I know that I don’t think anyone is different, better or worse based on color of their skin, but there is nothing any of us can say right now without being judged.”


If you suddenly see rising sea levels on either coast of the country, don’t worry. That’s not global warming. It’s Becky and Timmy crying after realizing that folks will take them to task for defending a bigot.

Enjoy these white tears, y’all. By the way, as a wine connoisseur myself, I recommend getting a bottle of the Becky chardonnay. It tastes wonderful chilled.