Trump Refuses to Renominate Obama's Pick for U.N. Committee on Racism, Won't Name Replacement

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With a legacy built on undoing progress at every turn, this latest move seems in line with Trump’s established pattern of behavior.


Not that it makes it any less ridiculous.

Following Trump’s decision to pull the country from the U.N.’s Human Rights Council last June over a so-called “anti-Israel bias,” Trump has burned another international bridge.


Trump will not pick a replacement to the United Nations committee on racial discrimination. The decision comes after Trump’s decision to block the renomination of President Barack Obama’s pick.

Politico reported that the White House blocked Gay McDougall’s renomination to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The committee meets three times a year. It monitors a 1960s convention on eliminating discrimination.

Elected in 2015, McDougall told Politico that the end of her tenure “was not of my choosing.”


McDougall had previously been assured by the State Department that she should be renominated to her position on the 18-person board. The White House suddenly reversed course days later, without explanation.

An anonymous Trump administration official confirmed that Trump would not nominate a candidate for the committee.


Still, the decision “in no way diminishes our global leadership on efforts to eliminate racial discrimination,” according to the official.

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If we ever (big fucking IF) return to being a halfway sane country, it is going to take a lot of ass kissing to get back in the good graces of our allies. And after we promise that it was just a phase and we just forgot our meds don’t mix with well with Old Milwaukee, they’ll let us back in. But we won’t get our old seat at the head of the table. No, we will be sitting on a milkcrate at the wobbly old card table in the back of the room.