Trump Now Says He's Open to Cut Entitlements

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Another day, another installment in the ongoing saga that is “y’alls President is a lying ass liar.” Our subject for tonight’s episode is entitlements.


CNN reports that when the currently impeached President was asked by CNBC in Davos whether entitlements would ever be something on his plate he responded with “At some point they will be.” This despite the fact the President heavily campaigned on the promise that he wouldn’t touch medicare or social security. CNBC followed up by asking if he going “to do some the things you said you wouldn’t do in the past, though,” to which Trump responded with “We’re going to look.” The President didn’t go any further in outlining what he was looking to cut.

Trump’s economic proposal focused on growth so he said he wouldn’t have to touch Social Security or Medicare. Given that healthcare and proposals like Medicare for All are going to factor heavily into this year’s election, perhaps it wasn’t the smartest move to announce looking into cutting it. Then again when could we ever accuse this President of making the smartest move?

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was quick to point out that Trump was walking back a campaign promise saying, “The President promised that unlike other Republicans, he wouldn’t touch Social Security and Medicare. He’s already broken that promise and gone after Medicare. Now, it looks like Social Security is in the President’s crosshairs as well.” After getting flamed for being the lying liar he is, the President would tweet this.

Trump has basically spent his entire presidency backtracking on the vague promises he made his base and saying whatever he thinks people want to hear. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the man who rolled back regulations on schools serving healthier food and pork having feces in it would now come for healthcare and retirement. Trump’s 2020 platform seems to be suffering for all ages. Let’s see how it pays off. 



Social Security and Medicare are earned over a lifetime of work. Medicaid and Social Security Disability Insurance are for people who are in need. Many of the people on SSDI paid for that insurance and can no longer work.

Calling our earned benefits entitlements is republican doublespeak to make them seem like a handout. I hate that.