Trump Just Admitted That Michael Cohen Acted on His Behalf When He Paid Off Porn Actress, and Why This Matters

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President Donald Trump needs a teleprompter around him at all times, including when he takes the presidential golf cart to his local KFC, because whenever he goes off script, he not only puts his orange-hued foot in his mouth but also risks incriminating himself.


This happened Thursday morning during an interview on Fox & Friends, one of his favorite shows. The president called in to the morning show to go on a meandering rant and admitted that Michael Cohen, the president’s longtime lawyer and personal fixer, represented him in the Stormy Daniels case.

We all know that Cohen was acting on Trump’s behalf when he paid Daniels, a porn actress, $130,000 to keep her mouth shut about her reported sexual encounter with the president. The administration wanted the public to believe that when Cohen paid Daniels out of his own funds, he wasn’t acting as the president’s lawyer but gave her the money merely because he wanted to. In fact, Cohen’s lawyer—even lawyers need lawyers—went on several news shows claiming that no law had been broken when Cohen paid Daniels out of his own funds.

And he was correct—it isn’t against the law to give a porn actress a large sum of money. But what Cohen, his lawyer and Trump would never admit is that the money was on behalf of the president.

Well, Trump blew all of that to shit Thursday when he said, “Michael would represent me and represent me on some things. He represents me … like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, he represented me.” Then he added that he has many lawyers working for him and that from what he sees, Cohen did “absolutely nothing wrong,” reports.


Trump has previously claimed that he didn’t know about the payment and has denied several times that he knew nothing about the settlement, but Trump is also a proven liar who paints his skin with only the finest Krylons.


“Then why is he pleading the Fifth?” co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked.

“Because he’s got other things. He’s got businesses. And from what I understand, they’re looking at his businesses,” Trump responded. “I have nothing to do with his business, I can tell you.”


Yeah, that’s not why Cohen is pleading the Fifth—a point that Michael Avenatti, Daniels’ lawyer, made during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday.

“Another gift from the heavens in this case,” Avenatti said. “It’s a hugely damaging admission by the president.”


Can you hear that noise? It’s the collective sound of heads in the White House exploding at Trump’s admission that Cohen was acting on his behalf. God bless the inability of Trump’s aides to keep him away from phones.

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