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Donald Trump seems to be rebounding from the Mueller report just fine.

Saturday, the Donald took a break from his weekly visit to the White House to resume his duties as Golfer in Chief. This time, he was spotted with fellow busted can of biscuits, conservative radio show host and 13th-ranked used Dodge salesman in the northeast, Rush Limbaugh.


Trump, seen in black slacks and a white tee giving a thumbs up while trying to suck the life force from 24-year-old LPGA golfer Lexi Thompson, had to sit through that whole Mueller Report thing for like, two whole days before his latest trip to the golf course. Limbaugh, an ardent supporter of the only president to make him look like a catch, and encouraged him to launch a counterinvestigation into what Trump called “presidential harassment.”

Illustration for article titled Trump Hits Golf Course With Rush Limbaugh and Without a Hint of Style
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Settled in at his Mar-a-Lago resort for Easter weekend, Trump and Limbaugh can be seen side by side rocking the hardest in Methodist youth pastor fashions on the links. Trump’s smiling visage, seen behind a white “USA” cap while standing near Chris Christie’s “after” photo is matched in intensity by the sheer mediocrity of the photos when taken apart.

First, Trump may be the first president to give boot cut slacks a go on the golf course, judging by the shoe-to-fabric ratio seen above. Limbaugh, whose sockless loafers fail to compensate for Limbaugh’s lack of character and judgement, may be tinkering with an upcoming JNCO sponsorship, if the width of his pant legs are any indication of his plans for the sartorial side of his brand. Still, he’s managed to master the art of tucking in his own damn shirt, a skill that seems to have eluded the current sitting president, seen hitting the course with all of the swagger and decorum of a man roused from his sleep by a pizza delivery.

How far we’ve fallen from tan suits.

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