Trump Catches the Wrath of Twitter After Asking a 7-Year-Old Kid if They Still Believe in Santa Claus

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Before my son was born, I promised myself that I would never lie to him under any circumstances. Of course, there are things that could be better explained to him when he gets older, but outright lying to the kid? Nah, bruh.


But as someone who always thought giving some imaginary white man credit for the gifts we suffer, bleed, and die to purchase ourselves (don’t ask me how much I paid for that bounce house he got this year), I struggle with navigating through the holidays because his mother loves Christmas.

Like adores it.

Like lives for the shit.

So as badly as I want to tell him “All this shit came from Mommy and Daddy Claus!” I’ve come to understand how important her Christmas traditions are to her and her family, and thusly shut the entire fuck up as he delights in all that Jesus’ birthday has to offer.

To that point, I think 45 missed the memo.

Because while ruining your own child’s Christmas is grounds for sleeping on the couch for eternity, ruining Christmas for a child you have no relationship with whatsoever might get you slumped.

Which brings us to our Commander-in-Tweet’s latest faux pas—in which, according to The Hill, he asked somebody else’s child if they still believed in Santa Claus.

Trump and first lady Melania Trump late Monday took calls from children about Santa’s whereabouts, a presidential tradition in conjunction with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

“Merry Christmas. How are you?” Trump asked one caller. “How old are you? ... Are you doing well in school? ... Are you still a believer in Santa?”

After a short pause to hear the child’s response, the president then added: “Because at 7, it’s marginal, right?”


Wait, what? No way in hell he did this. I gotta see this for mysel—


Well damn.

And as you can expect, Twitter let Melania’s baby daddy have it:


But then again this is 45 so did anyone really expect any different?

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the kid belives in santa.

trump belives coal is coming back, cutting taxes helps the economy, Mexico is paying for the wall, millions of people voted illegally for democrats,the Saudis and Russia are our friends, and that undocumented immigrants are more likely to be criminals. So if we are talking people with wrong belief systems...

(yes, i know he really doesn’t believe many those things, work with me)