Trump Calls Black Supporter a ‘Thug,’ Throws Him Out of NC Rally

C.J. Cary being escorted from a Donald Trump rally Oct. 26, 2016
News & Observer Screenshot

An African-American North Carolina man was thrown out of a Donald Trump rally Wednesday night and called a “thug” by the Republican candidate himself.

No surprise there, except that Rocky Mount, N.C., resident C.J. Cary is a rabid Trump supporter and has even faced off with his neighbors over his choice in this year’s presidential election.


The News & Observer reports that Cary drove over an hour from his home to the Kinston Jet Center to deliver a note to Trump urging him to be more inclusive to black people, women, people with disabilities and college students.

On the night of the incident, the ex-Marine said he walked toward the front of the center, stood about 20-30 feet from the stage and shouted “Donald” while waving his document to try to get Trump’s attention.

Trump’s response: “Were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?” And then, “You can get him out. Get him out,” as three suited security guards walked Cary out to the crowd’s cheers. (Trump has repeatedly said that the Clinton campaign was paying protesters to disrupt his rallies for money and iPhones.)

As he was escorted out, Cary explained to a security member that he just wanted to give Trump his note.


“I said, ‘I was trying to get to this doc to Mr. Donald … will you get this to Donald?’” Cary said. “He said, ‘Well, dude, we’d be happy to give it to him.’” The official then accepted Cary’s request to pass along the note to Trump.

Cary has been down with “Mr. Donald” for quite some time. The Rocky Mount Telegram reports that he has been corresponding with the billionaire developer since 1992, when Trump replied to a letter Cary sent during Trump’s first divorce.


“I support Trump because he’s honest,” Cary said to the outlet. “You can work with an honest person and convince them their vision isn't in the best interest of everyone. You can't work with dishonest people. That's why I don't like Obama—the worst president in American history.”

Since July, Cary’s lawn has repeatedly been vandalized to the tune of more than $1,800 worth of Trump signs. He told the Rocky Mount Telegram that he has every right to put the dozens of signs up in his yard.


“I have to put the signs back up or they win,” Cary said. “It’s my right to free speech.”

His neighbors wish he would tone it down.

“I don't know why he needs so many,” said Kenny Jackson to the Telegram. “It’s more like an eyesore than anything.”


Read more at the News & Observer and Rocky Mount Telegram.

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