Trump Adviser: Maybe Black Lives Matter Protester ‘Deserved’ to Be Roughed Up

Michael Cohen
CNN Screenshot

Donald Trump’s adviser went on CNN’s New Day to defend his boss’s comments about a Black Lives Matter protester deserving to be roughed up at a recent Trump rally, Mediaite reports

“The guy’s a professional agitator. Supposedly, rumors are out there on the Internet and social media, the guy has been tased, what, 30 times? He goes to these various different rallies and he creates all sorts of problems,” Michael Cohen, executive vice president of the Trump Foundation, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.


“You know what? It happened. Obviously nobody wants to see anybody get injured,” Cohen said.

Cuomo pointed out that Trump actually insinuated that the man deserved it.

“Well, maybe he did. Maybe he did. He went there to cause a problem. He went there to start a fight. This is nothing to do with Black Lives Matter; this is a guy that’s looking for media attention,” Cohen countered.

“White, black, green, yellow, a guy comes to your event and gets beat up, [Trump] should be against the people that beat him up,” Cuomo fired back. 

“I agree, nobody wants to see anybody get beaten up. But if the guy goes there for the purpose of creating an issue, he wants to be an agitator at what was a great event for Mr. Trump, 14,000-plus people. You know what? That’s between the individual who wants to be an agitator and the people who are there to listen to Mr. Trump,” Cohen insisted. 


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