Trolls Gonna Troll: Kid Killer George Zimmerman Reportedly Using Fake Name to Trap Girls on Tinder

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In news of the creeper variety, apparently Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman, is looking for love online—and using a fake name to do it.


Zimmerman, who got off scot-free on murder charges after admittedly stalking and fatally shooting Trayvon in 2012, is reportedly stalking the interwebs (Tinder to be exact) for l’amour, using the fake name “Carter,” according to Creative Loafing Tampa Bay, an alternative Florida weekly.

And Zimmerman’s definitely not new to this. Creative Loafing’s report comes mere months after Zimmerman got booted from Bumble, apparently “for the crime,” as the Orlando Sentinel put it, “of being George Zimmerman.

Good for Bumble.

Guess that got Zimmerman so shook, he’s decided to try his hand at setting up Venus fly thirst traps under more decidedly false pretenses.

As Creative Loafing explains, 35-year-old Carter,” aka Zimmerman, describes himself as an unemployed loafer a “self-employed consultant” who attended Liberty University, a good ol’ Christian school (read:I’m not the murderous heathen you think I am).


In a profile peppered with shirtless photos, a photo with a dog, and at least one in which he’s wearing a cap and gown, the so-called Carter shares that he’s “looking for carefree, fun!” Among his “loves”? The great outdoors, fishing, camping, and hiking. And he takes pains to note: “I love adventure not into huge crowds.”

Yeah, that rings true: It was a rainy, desolate night when Zimmerman decided to adventurously pump a bullet into an unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.


But, as Creative Loafing notes, there are so many things Zimmerman left out of his profile, including:

bragging about killing [Trayvon] at a local bar, threatening to feed a man to alligators, getting fined for stalking, pointing a shotgun at his ex-girlfriend’s face, and getting arrested for suspected domestic assault after reportedly throwing a bottle of wine at another girlfriend’s head.


Yup. That Zimmerman, er, Carter, he’s such a catch.

Careful, girls, there’s a real lady “killer” out there.



Someday he’ll meet his perfect match, and a few days later the local constabulary will find his headless body in a ditch.

Later, a Lifetime Original Movie will dramatize the event.