Depending on you ask, mentions of an apartment only 420 square feet might get you a couple of screw faces from your friends.

Now take that number and subtract it by 343 feet. There, you’ve just entered the home of Mr. Sergio Santos.

If you’re wondering why that sounds smaller than someone’s bathroom, don’t fret, it’s not your fuzzy math. It’s his cramped living arrangements.

Mr. Santos had to make a choice: Continue struggling to be the rent in the place he lived in or find something cheaper.


He chose the later and when he meant cheaper, he wasn't kidding. Mr. Santos lives in a closet. A close five and a half feet wide, by 14 feet long, or 77 square feet, to be exact.

His converted closet of a home includes the bare minimum — a small microwave oven and a mini-refrigerator.  When he needs to use the bathroom, he shares it with the other renters who each live above a restaurant. The place costs him $150 a month.


If you’re under the mindset that a roof is a roof and one should always be grateful to have it, then this won’t disturb you. Other people are probably about to get up and hug their landlord or call their mortgage company out or sheer appreciation.

As for Mr. Santos, he’s just fine with how he’s living…now.

Though he initially felt compelled to get up, he told WPTV in West Palm Beach, Florida, “I have just become very well-fitted here.”


"I have just become very well-fitted here," he said.

For a tour of Mr. Santos’ mini-mini-mini castle, click here.

Didn’t I tell you all there ain’t nothing going on but the rent?

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