Trailer Roundup: We're Going to Hollywood—and It's Going to be Legendary

Laura Harrier in Hollywood (2020,), left; Leiomy Maldonado in Legendary (2020)
Laura Harrier in Hollywood (2020,), left; Leiomy Maldonado in Legendary (2020)
Screenshot: Netflix (YouTube ), HBO Max (YouTube )

What a week! Here in Los Angeles, we went from a mild, yet effective earthquake to a temperature average in the 90s (which is another form of torture when you’re self-isolating in weather that makes you want to participate in hoodrat brunches with your friends). Plus, Pompous Prez said some dangerously dumb shit about injecting disinfectants.


Let’s get into some much-needed escapism, shall we? Time for another trailer roundup!

Hollywood (Netflix: Release Date: May 1, 2020)

Hollywood Official Trailer / Netflix (YouTube)

First impressions: I’m going to be straight up here; I’ve already been binging episodes of this show to prepare for a dope interview (stay tuned for that!) so I feel the need to tell you that this is it! It is exciting and vulnerable with all the magic old Hollywood has to offer. Plus the cast is diverse and fantastic. Highly recommend.

Legendary (HBO Max; Release Date: May 27, 2020)

Legendary Official Teaser / HBO Max (YouTube)

First impressions: This show strutted right onto the headlines with controversy when it was announced Jameela Jamil would be a celebrity judge, which sparked a discussion about cultural appropriation and hijacking ballroom culture, something that was initially implemented as a safe space (Jamil later came out as queer and noted that she chose an “inappropriate” time to do so). With the success of Pose, I am looking forward to gaining more insight into a world that has clearly inspired pop culture in many ways and is past due for its shine.

All Day and A Night (Netflix; Release Date: May 1, 2020)

All Day and A Night Official Trailer / Netflix (YouTube)

First impressions: This cast is pretty damn souped-up. I mean, we’ve got Ashton Sanders, Jeffrey Wright and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, plus it’s written and directed by the co-writer of Black Panther, Joe Robert Cole. The quote “it’s crazy to have nothing to give and want to give everything” sticks out to me and I have a feeling this would be the theme as we watch our leading character tussle between two choices.


On the Record (HBO Max; Release Date: May 27, 2020)

On the Record Official Trailer / HBO Max (YouTube)

First impressions: This doc, which follows accuser Drew Dixon and the sexual misconduct accusations against Russell Simmons, has been through a journey. Oprah backed out, which led to Apple TV subsequently pulling out. HBO Max has since picked it up for distribution. I was supposed to see the world premiere of this much-anticipated documentary at Sundance this year, but a series of unfortunate events (which included losing my physical ticket at a fest that doesn’t reprint tickets onsite at the theater) dictated other plans for me. Even though documentaries like this tend to invoke anxiety, I am always here for black women—who are typically voiceless—having a platform to finally speak their truth.


The Honeybeez of ASU (Snapchat; Release Date: April 25, 2020)

The Honeybeez of ASU Trailer / Snap Original (YouTube)

First impressions: First off, I didn’t know Snapchat had a platform to broadcast series in the vein that IGTV has done. As we move toward digital content as a primary source of entertainment in this social distancing era, I can’t help but think this is the perfect time to launch something like this. I love dancing and watching dancers do their thing since I respect the athleticism of the craft, so I’m especially intrigued to follow this Alabama State University squad who are shutting down the stereotypes of a plus-size dance troupe. Plus, La La Anthony is a producer of the series!


That’s it for this week, folks! Have a good weekend—and wash your hands.

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