Touring Birmingham's History


The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, featuring fascinating details about local, national and international rights movements, should be the first stop for any visitor to the city.


Captions by Gary Lee

Walking Through History

Tourists tour a permanent exhibition at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

'I Ain't Afraid of Your Jails'


A sculpture in Birmingham's Kelly Ingram Park depicts two schoolchildren jailed for demonstrating against segregation. The park was a popular setting for '60s rights advocates.

Birmingham's Black Business


The Fourth Avenue Business District, located near downtown Birmingham, is home to many of the city's black-owned businesses.

Black Arts Movement


The backyard of Joe Minter, a Birmingham artist, is a popular stop for black visitors to the Alabama city.

Soul Food Favorites


Mrs. B's on 4th, a black-owned eatery in Birmingham, features collard greens and other soul food favorites.

Southern Jazz


Alabama's Jazz Hall of Fame is a favorite gathering spot for budding local musicians.

Jazzy Memorabilia


Alabama's Jazz Hall of Fame features memorabilia from musicians with connections to the state.

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