Top five wrongful executions? Many claim that the state of Georgia executed an innocent man last night when Troy Davis was put to death. NewsOne has a list of five other executions around which there was widespread belief that the courts made a mistake about the guilt of the defendants.

The Color Purple now an e-book: Alice Walker's Pulitzer Prize-winning 1983 novel is being released as an e-book, but not through a traditional publisher, the Huffington Post reports. Open Road Integrated Media, the digital company co-founded two years ago by former HarperCollins CEO Jane Friedman, has reached an agreement with Walker to release the electronic version of the classic, along with most of her other work.

When rappers have political opinions: Madamenoir asks whether it's always a good thing when artists speak their minds. We're going to go ahead and say no. 

Southern Baptists consider name change: A presidential task force has been set up to study a possible name change for the prominent Southern Baptist Convention. Elev8 reports that past racism associated with the group is among the reasons behind the shift.


In other news: New Life For Ebony and Jet.