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Rapper Too Short and XXL magazine are apologizing for a controversial video they released last week, according to The rapper, who is known mostly for his sexually explicit lyrics referring to the pimp life, released a video with the magazine in which he gave young boys advice on how to "turn a girl out."


Since his comments spread throughout social media and the media as a whole, the magazine, its editor-in-chief and Too Short have come under intense scrutiny. Now both the magazine and Too Short have released statements apologizing for the video.

"Many readers found the tone and content of the interview to be offensive and were angered that it was allowed to post on the website," said Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten. "I agree with their perspective. I do not see all content before it goes live. When I saw this video, I was truly offended and thought it crossed the line. I had it taken down immediately. I am disappointed that an employee decided to post it, and I am putting internal procedures in place to make sure content like this does not go on the site. The video goes against my value system and represents poor judgment on behalf of the individual who posted it."

Too Short also expressed regret, saying that he doesn't endorse rape and loves black women. "I want to apologize to anyone I may have offended with the XXL video interview I recently did," he stated. "When I got on camera, I was in Too $hort mode and had a lapse of judgement. I would never advise a child or young man to do these things; it's not how I get down.

"Although I have made my career on dirty raps, I have worked over the years to somewhat balance the content of my music with giving back to the community," he continued. "Just coming from a man who wants to see young people get ahead in life, I'm gonna do my best to to help and not hurt. If you're a young man or a kid who looks up to me, don't get caught up in the pimp, player, gangster hip-hop personas. Just be yourself."


While there was a petition launched calling for the dismissal of Satten, we do understand that not all content may pass the editor's desk. The issue lies with both the rapper and the individuals in the room who were there to shoot this interview. It would not shock any of us if this was an all-male production and no one ever reached out to women for their feedback.

What Too Short said was not only tasteless but irresponsible. But we can't be shocked by it because he has a new album coming out next month, which isn't expected to sell much — even with the latest buzz.


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