Jamaya Herron (Facebook photo)
Jamaya Herron (Facebook photo)

The dangers of teen obesity just got worse. Jamaya Herron, 18, died in a fire when firefighters were unable to get her out of a burning house because she weighed 500 pounds. Herron's parents, Joe and Delores Herron, were able to escape from the house, but when firefighters arrived, their three children, including two foster sons, ages 10 and 11, were still trapped inside. Firefighters were able to get the boys out through a window but were unable to lift Jamaya through the window because of her weight. Firefighters had to bring her out of the house through the front door. Two firefighters were actually injured in the process of getting her out of the house. Jamaya died at the scene from what is believed to be smoke inhalation. We won't ask why the parents, one of whom is a pastor and the other a singer, left their three children in a burning house, but we will ask how a teenager is allowed to get up to 500 pounds. Are you convinced that teen obesity is a problem now? This situation is tragic on so many levels. 


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