Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Images

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo learned the hard way this weekend that it’s never a good idea to talk smack about someone as quick and as harsh with his comebacks as Deion Sanders.

While calling the Chiefs-Cowboys game for CBS on Sunday, Romo commented that Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters is not a good tackler—and took a moment to make a dig at Sanders in the process.

“Peters doesn’t want to tackle,” Romo said. “He’s really good out there at the corner, off coverage, but tackling? He makes Deion Sanders look good at tackling sometimes.”


The dig was a reference to Sanders’ time as a cornerback, during which he was known for avoiding contact, and as Bleacher Report’s Andrew Gould pointed out, Romo’s point may have been accurate.


I mean …

Still, you don’t come after the king of slick talk unless you are ready for that slick talk, and after Sanders was shown the clip of Romo’s quip on the NFL Network’s NFL GameDay Prime, he had some things of his own to say.


“Tony, I tried my best to take the high road, but I don’t know the address to the high road,” Sanders said. “So I got to come at you, man. Ten years as a starter, you’re 2-4 in the playoffs. You ain’t won nothing. I tried to bury the hatchet.

“Both of us work for CBS,” he continued. “I went and shook your hand, I said, ‘Tony, you’re doing a great job this year.’ I thought that would be it. But nevertheless, you keep on shooting at me. Tony, what’s going on, man? I got a gold jacket that I didn’t buy. Dak says hi. And bye. Tony, leave me alone, man.”


He wasn’t done: “I’ve got a lot of ammunition, man. How many interceptions—19 in 2012? Come on, man, you threw to everyone but me. Tony, come on, man. You know you never won the big one. You know you never won the big one. So stop. Leave me alone. I tried to take the high road, but I don’t know the address.”


As if roasting Romo on television wasn’t enough, Sanders dug the knife in deeper via Twitter.


Anyone who has known Deion Sanders for any amount of time knows that, if nothing else, the man is a shit talker. It’s best to just keep your comments about him to yourself and avoid the wrath if at all possible.

In any case, it will be interesting to see if Romo has anything to say back after getting cooked up by Prime Time.