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Tommie Smith, who, along with John Carlos, made history at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics when he raised his glove-covered fists in a Black Power salute during his medal ceremony, is selling the items that helped make him famous. Bidding starts at $250,000 for his gold medal, which Smith won in the 200 meters, and his red-and-white Puma spikes. The items are being sold through MIT Memorabilia, and the sale closes Nov. 4. Smith, 66, has not commented on the auction, but he has made it clear on his official website that he feels the world misunderstood his civil rights protest that day and it has negatively affected his life. Gary Zimet of MIT Memorabilia told the San Jose Mercury News that Smith "feels that what he did ruined his life in many ways, and he simply doesn't want to put himself in the media spotlight." Smith may have some bad feelings about the aftermath of that day in Mexico City in 1968, but many feel a lot differently about the image of him and Carlos with their fists raised. Just check out the walls of dorm rooms across the country. Someone is going to snatch this medal up — and fast.



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