Toilet Paper Industry Trying to Respond to Unprecedented Surge

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Alright, folks. I gotta ask the question: Are you really going to the bathroom like that? Your boy is on his last roll and no lie, I’m feeling some kind of way about it.


According to CNN, y’all straight up broke the toilet paper industry.

Yes, y’all.

As the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic started to hit Americans last week, one of the strangest aspects of the ensuing panic buying was the hoarding of toilet paper. I have been asked “do you have toilet paper?” more times in the last few days than in my entire collective lifetime.

From CNN:

“Georgia Pacific, the maker of Angel Soft and Quilted Northern toilet paper, said that last week, some orders from retailers nearly doubled. The company managed to ship out 20% more than its normal capacity. And the American Forest & Paper Association, an industry group representing paper product makers, noted the industry is working hard to respond to the sudden spike in demand.”

Many toilet paper manufacturers are already 24/7 operations, so it’s not like they can increase hours to meet the demand. There is only a fixed number of machines. One of the solutions being presented is switching up the machines to make more toilet paper instead of other paper products. Another is having retailers skip distribution and get that white gold straight from the source.

While the demand is high now, a major concern is that the rampant stockpiling is going to result in people not buying toilet paper for months on end. So, if you happen to have a stockpile of toilet paper when the pandemic dies down, do the right thing. TP the house of that co-worker/neighbor/associate that gets on your last nerve. The toilet paper industry will thank you.


Personally, I’m hoping that the stockpiling dies down by the end of the week so I can at least get a roll. Got me out her rationing toilet paper like I’m Julius from Everybody Hates Chris.

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I STILL do not understand how this happened.