And yet.

As I write this, Black Twitter is going awf on strategist Karen Civil, due to an ill-advised photo full of provocative fashion choices, including a T-shirt implicating Derek Chauvin, the now-charged former officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck. (Hey, she made you look.) But while virtual draggings are admittedly perversely entertaining to watch, perhaps the bigger enemy might be incorporated and profiting from black deaths and our collective pain, one sweatshop at a time. Because when it’s not open season on black lives, it’s clearly still an open market; our trauma lining the pockets of the capitalism this country thrives on, just as easily as our bodies once did.


We’ve reached out to Today Shopping’s Company and will update this post pending a response. Looking for ways to advocate for black lives? Check out this list of resources by our sister site Lifehacker for ways to get involved.