Thursday's Headlines

NYT: It's Foreign Night at Club US! Obama Pushes for Drink Specials, Immigration Before 11

BBC: 'Good' Baby Fat Keeps Adults Slim; America Chock Full of Naughty Babies

AP: In a Move Not to Be Confused with a Vendetta, French Agency Accuses Armstrong of Doping


NYDN: Obama Gets His Lost Tribe On, Will Celebrate First Presidential Seder

Reuters: HIV Treatment Should Start Earlier; Buzz Commentary Remains on Side of Decency


WP: Captain Still Held By Pirates; US Apparently Negotiates at Sea but Not Land

NYT: Roger Cohen Thinks Israel is Crying Wolf; Buzz Says, "Whaaaaaaat?!"

SJMN: SoCal Officers Targeted Black Barbershops, Say "Well We Can't Very Well Raid the Prisons!"

CBS: HBCU Sued by Three White Faculty Members; Cite Bakke v. Regents, First OJ Verdict as Inspiration

BB: Wal-Mart March Sales Fall Short; See Only Procter & Gamble in Same Galaxy, Recall Dominance


BET: Howard Student on "Critical Missing" List

SFC: Angels' Pitcher Nick Adenhart Killed in Car Crash

CNN: Iran Prez Proud of Nuclear Progress; Russia Dusts Off Shine Box

WP: Studies Find a Way Adults Can Fight Obesity; Proof We'll Study ANYTHING

CBS: Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Inevitable? Not If Bubba and 'Em Have Any Say So


BG: Prez Announces Upgrades to Vet Coverage; PETA Momentarily Hype

MW: Wells Fargo Chooses Not to Participate in Recession; Post Record 1st Quarter Profit


AP: Georgian Protestors Urge Prez to Resign; Buzz Guesses Headline Could Be Read Both Ways

Bossip: Well Chris, You Can Maintain Weight By…Not Punching Your Girl in the Mouth


Deadspin: Bonfire of the Inanities: "WOOOO, We're Champs! Oh Barnacle, I'm All Ablaze!"

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