Let our next greatest achievement be realizing the dream of full equality for all of us ...

- Human Rights Campaign President, Alphonso David, as reported by Maiysha Kai -


Thursday's Headlines

 BBC: Israeli Soldiers Admit Gaza Abuses; Israel Claims, 'But They're Not Really People, Ya Know'?

CNN: Bin Laden May or May Not Have Come Out with New Mixtape; SoundScan Has Been Weak of Late


SJMN: Richard Aoki, Charter Member of Black Panthers, Dies in Berkeley

NYT: Heart Failure Strikes Black More Often and at Younger Ages; Apparently Just Being Black Not Hard Enough


NYDN: Black Boys Four Times More Likely to Have Food Allergies; Apparently Just Being Black Boy Not Hard Enough

MJS: Black Community Should Be Encouraging Marriage; Buzz: 'What Black Community'?

The Job: Stuff White People Like (to Complain About)*

Atlantic: Racism Ruins Everything (Unless It's in Private. Then It's Totally Cool)


THR: Vh1 to Bring Back 'Behind the Music'; Buzz Wondering What Took Them So Long

ESPN: Boxer Mayweather May Return to Ring; Boxing Is the Sport in the Square Without Kicking and Submissions


WP: Impeach the Pope? The Buzz Co-Signs, Relationship with Post Irrelevant

AP: Verdict Due in Fritzl Incest Case; Looking at Roughly…Forever and a Day

Time: The Day's Obligatory AIG Piece with a New Tim Geithner Angle. Enjoy.

HuffPo: Jon Stewart Ethers White House Over Vet Insurance Plan; Is Justified

EW: Kanye West Brought Up on Charges; Oddly Enough, Abuse of Auto-Tune Not One

DB: More Pressure on Men in Bedroom? Female 'Headaches' Have Been on Rise

AJE: Central Bank Gives Economy $1.2T Boost; China: "While You've Got Your Purse Open…"


CNN: New Mexico Repeals Death Penalty; Texas Says, "More for Us"

BET: Meet Bakari Sellers, Feel Free to Begin Rampant Obama Comparisons…Now

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