Thugs Brawl in the Streets of NYC During St. Patrick’s Day


Last night a Facebook user captured video of violent thugs fighting in the streets of New York City and causing mayhem. A group of hooligans, most likely raised by single parents, took to the streets of New York City last night and caused utter chaos, and it was all caught on film. The mayhem started when the thugs, who were dressed in pants that weren’t sagging and in New York Jets jerseys, were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.


As passersby stood around and watched, did anyone bother to call the police? No. Maybe they didn’t because it wasn’t happening at a McDonald’s and they weren’t a group of black teenagers. And more than likely you won’t hear about any of this on the news, because they’re white men. White men are free to fight and brawl and live to tell the tale.

Last week we were inundated with reports of a group of black teenagers fighting at a McDonald’s in New York City. But it seems as though it’s OK to fight and cause chaos in the middle of the streets when you’re grown-ass white men.

What types of households were these men raised in? Did they even complete high school? Why are they allowed to roam the streets unsupervised? These men are animals. It’s sad and hilarious how the media will lead you to believe that all the chaos and violence in the streets is caused by black people.

Were any of them arrested?

Who knows—because there are no media reports.

But it’s probably safe to say that they dusted off their Jets jerseys and headed home. Their faces weren’t exploited on television; their social media accounts weren’t picked apart and scoured for incriminating posts. These wild-animal-like men probably ended their night with a cold steak pressed to their bruised faces instead of getting bruised up by the police. When white privilege exists, you’re free to brawl and beat up one another in the middle of the streets of New York City, and blame it on the alcohol.