The three University of Alabama Huntsville faculty members who were killed Friday were all people of color. Gopi Bodila, the, the chairman of the biology department, was of Indian origin. Dr. Adriel Johnson, an associate professor, and Dr. Maria Ragland Davis, an assistant professor who specialized in plant sciences, were both African-American. Amy Bishop, a Harvard PhD who was denied tenure, has been charged with capital murder in the killings. Three other faculty members were wounded, two of them critically, at a faculty meeting on the Alabama campus. Ray Garner, a spokesman at the Huntsville campus, said 42-year-old Amy Bishop had been denied tenure months earlier and this was to be her last semester at the school. She became an assistant professor at the school in 2003. Some news stories reported that Bishop was considered bright by students but had difficulty explaining difficult concepts. Authorities declined to discuss a motive at a Saturday news conference, though Garner said the faculty meeting wasn't scheduled to discuss tenure issues. The neurobiologist, who became an assistant professor at the school in 2003, has been charged with capital murder, and other charges are pending. She was taken Friday night in handcuffs to the county jail, and said as she got into a police car: "It didn't happen. There's no way. … They are still alive." The Boston Globe reported that Bishop accidently shot and killed her brother more than two decades ago. The paper cited earlier articles that Bishop shot 18-year-old Seth Bishop while cleaning a shotgun in the presence of their mother in December 1986.