Thousands Rally With Sharpton in DC for Jobs

The Rev. Al Sharpton (AP)
The Rev. Al Sharpton (AP)

The Associated Press is reporting that thousands of protesters, led by the Rev. Al Sharpton and other civic leaders, gathered against the backdrop of the Washington Monument Saturday and marched to the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial to rally for jobs.


Sharpton used the platform to lambaste the U.S. Senate for blocking President Barack Obama's $450 billion jobs bill, which includes an extension of a payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits, as well as dollars to help keep teachers and other workers employed, the AP reports.

"If you can't get the jobs bill done in the suites, then we will get the jobs bill done in the streets," Sharpton said to cheers and applause.


He said Martin Luther King would have supported their cause. King's son Martin Luther King III was also among the speakers.

"Over 45 years ago, my father talked about a redistribution of wealth. In fact, that is probably why he was killed," King said. "Because he said if America is going to survive responsibly, then it must have a redistribution of wealth."

The jobs march is more than symbolic. With an unemployment rate of over 9 percent in the nation, this is simply not the time for partisan politics. Voters put lawmakers in office because of their leadership capabilities. It's time for them to behave like leaders during one of the most critical times in the nation's history. 

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