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(The Root) — Let's face it: There probably aren't too many of us who can claim to love working out. We tolerate it because we want to be healthier and look better, but if there were a way to get the benefits of exercise without stepping in the gym, who could honestly say they wouldn't take advantage of it? Sometimes you need a little extra motivation to keep it moving, and what better way to stay on track than with a chance to get something free for your effort?

That's the basic idea behind Earndit.com, which uses the psychology of "hyperbolic discounting" and enables you to get an immediate reward for the exercise you do right now. You link one of the fitness or location-based apps on your smartphone to the website and earn points for working out that can be redeemed for gift cards. Supported apps include Nike+, RunKeeper, fitbit, Garmin and Foursquare. Choose from more than 30 retailers and specialty stores for your rewards, or earn a Tango Card, good for use at places like Target and Starbucks or online at sites such as Amazon.com.


Once your fitness or location-based app is connected, you earn a predetermined number of points based on the particular activity you perform. You can also take part in fitness challenges or come up with your own challenge, which earns you extra points for meeting specific goals. Earn even more points for sharing your workout on Facebook or Twitter.

What I like the most about Earndit is its straightforwardness. Unlike with the much-talked-about GymPact app, you're not penalized if you don't always have time for a workout. And with other rewards-based programs like HealthRally, you're only working toward a specific goal and you need to assemble a team to contribute to the actual reward.

Earndit is an ongoing program in which you simply earn points for working out and redeem them for cool stuff. So if you're looking for another way to stay motivated to exercise, it really doesn't get much easier than this. Now, if you could just get to the gym …

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