This Diddy/Dr. Dre Verzuz Battle May Actually Happen

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Last week, Verzuz creators Timbaland and Swizz Beatz discussed the possibility of getting music moguls and cultural behemoths Dr. Dre and Diddy to battle on Instagram Live for their popular series. Over the weekend, Diddy seemed to confirm that something is in the works.

During an Instagram Live session on Friday, April 24 with Fat Joe for The Fat Joe Show, Diddy said that when it comes to the battle, the creators and potential competitors are trying to make things happen.

“We’re definitely talking about it,” Diddy said when asked if he would participate in a Verzuz battle against the N.W.A. star. “You heard it here. You heard it here on the show.”


Throughout the quarantine, Verzuz has been the place for iconic musical matchups such as rapper/producers T-Pain and Lil Jon, R&B songwriters Johntá Austin and Ne-Yo, and even the creators themselves–Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. While fans can make assumptions about who will take the crown before the battle begins, if we’ve learned anything about Verzuz, it’s not just what song you play, it’s also when you choose to play it.

We still think it’s Dr. Dre all day if we’re talking about beats and songs he’s produced; that catalog is unmatched. However, this Diddy/Dre battle could surely be one for the ages considering how many years both superstars have been in the game, as well as the roster of artists they’ve elevated.

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Uh... how exactly is this supposed to play out? Just deejaying with some equipment? Not that there’s anything wrong with that— but..

based on how Mr. ‘Beats By’ usually puts out material, is Dre going to take months.. or even well over a year for his “response” record after Diddy drops his?