#ThingsIdStillDoIfIWereRich Is Trending On Twitter Right Now, So Here’s My List

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People on Twitter are currently outlining their list of things they would continue to do even if they were rich with large sums of money.


I feel that energy because there are some things I still do now that people might consider beneath them, but I’m perfectly OK with. I’m going to lay some of those things out for you right now, in no particular order.

Eat ramen noodles

Top Ramen, Oodles of Noodles or whatever generic brand you may find in the store—they are all the same. I will never be too good for Top Ramen. I have a case of it in my cabinet right now. I fucks with it the long way. I’m even into making spreads, as they call it in jail, which is when you doctor your ramen up by adding things to it. I drop an egg in mine at the last minute, and I usually add scallions, garlic powder, onion powder, a little soy sauce and a touch of Lawry’s. I only use half of the seasoning packet that comes with it and ramen is delicious. I usually top it with hot sauce or Sriracha. Mm. Mm. Good.

Shop at Target

OK, I lied. This should actually be No. 1. I love Target, and I will never stop going there no matter how rich I get. They have EVERYTHING. Being super rich in Target would probably be fun anyway. I usually go in there for something innocuous like a box of tampons and emerge an hour and $150 later with a cart full of impulse buys. Being rich would make that experience a lot better.

Shop at Forever 21

I know they fucked up last night with that whole white boy in a “Wakanda Forever” sweater and everything, but for inexpensive fast fashion that I can order online and have at my door within 1-2 days without paying extra for expedited shipping, they are still winning.


Save my paper and plastic bags

I currently have a stash of plastic bags from Target and paper bags from Trader Joe’s and Sprouts under my sink. I use them for everything, and they are constantly getting re-upped every time I go to one of those stores. That’s never going to go out of style, no matter how rich I get.


Share online streaming passwords

If I have to explain this one to you, why are you even here?

Shop at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack

If nothing else, I am a bargain shopper, and I don’t see that changing just because I have fatter pockets. If anything, I will probably end up going to those stores even more.


Write for The Root

I love my job. I love being a source of information curation for my people. I love dissecting the bullshit. And I love y’all. Well, some of y’all anyway. You know who you are.


I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore you. Besides, I want to know what you still do even if you were rich.

Let me know in the comments.

News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.



I’m an excellent cook and I still fucks with ramen Reg-Yoo-Lar-Lee. Drives my wife insane. The number of people I love who can die before I give up Top Ramen is long.

Other shit I still do:

  • Set the search filter “Lowest Price First” when shopping online.
  • Drive as far as possible on E when the light comes on.
  • Shop at Costco
  • Take the metro to DCU/Wizards/Nats/Caps games instead of driving
  • Drive instead of fly
  • Go as long as possible between haircuts