'They Just Aren't Good at Their Jobs': Dallas Cowboys Players Call Out Their Own Coaching Staff, and They Ain't Lying

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Jerry Jones doesn’t get it.

With the Cowboys sitting at 2-4, there’s plenty of blame to be passed around. But when your defense is coughing up a mind-boggling 36.3 points per game, it makes it nearly impossible to field a winning football team.


That said, Cowboys fans are justified in their disillusionment and disdain for all things Mike Nolan—Dallas’ defensive coordinator—and would hope that Jones and the rest of the organization would demand more from a man who has clearly failed the team miserably.

But nope!

Jones hopped on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday and did what he does best: offer excuses and extend grace in place of actual accountability—formerly known as the Jason Garrett Manager’s Special.

“I like the way we came out defensively,” Jones said. “I thought we had a good plan for the skills of [Kyler] Murray and what the Cardinals presented us. These aren’t excuses, but his defense has had a very difficult time with field position, where we’ve gotten the ball early. I don’t care what the skill level of a team is. When they get up on you, they’re gonna tee off on you.”

Then, in what should come as a surprise to no one, Jones uttered these fateful words: “I’m okay with Mike Nolan. I am.”


Ummmmm how? Remember that part where I said the Cowboys are allowing 36.3 points per game? Allow me to provide a bit more context:


Okay, now that you’ve picked your jaw up from the floor, would now be a good time to also bring to your attention that the Cowboys have only forced three turnovers all season? Oh, and they’ve also only collected 11 sacks during that span. And and and if you guessed that they’re ranked 31st in rushing yards allowed and have the worst turnover differential in the league, you’d also be correct.

Yet Jones is “okay” with this shit?

Understandably, his players—who actually want to win games—feel otherwise. So instead of keeping their mouths shut about Dolan or head coach Mike McCarthy—who by his own admission is doing a terrible-ass job as well—they broke ranks and gave the NFL Network’s Jane Slater some anonymous gems.


Per Slater, players speaking off the record called their coach staff “totally unprepared” and insisted that “they don’t teach. They don’t have any sense of adjusting on the fly.”

Oh, and this: “They just aren’t good at their jobs.”


You mean to tell me Mike McCarthy is struggling to make adjustments?!?!!

No way!!!!!!!

Poor performance rarely costs anyone their job in Dallas, so don’t hold your breath expecting Jones to make any changes. But once players start chirping to the media, it only gets uglier from here. Much like the Cowboys’ play on the field.

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