#TheRootTrip: A Former Tourist Home in SC Has Literally Gone to the (Dead) Dogs

Lawrence Ross/The Root
Lawrence Ross/The Root

Yeah, so lemme tell you about my trip to Greenville, S.C. My task was to find the Dr. Gibbs Tourist Home, located at 914 Anderson Road, and I was excited because I thought that if this person was a doctor, I was pretty sure that he or she would have a pretty impressive home that could still be standing. And I was right.


Dr. Hiram Henry Gibbs was a prominent member of the Greenville community, who owned Gibbs Pharmacy. He’d attended both Morehouse College and Howard University, where he’d eventually receive a Ph.D. in pharmacology. A charter member of Omega Psi Phi at Morehouse College, he would be active in his fraternity until his death in 1987.

All of that is mad interesting, and generally, that would lead me to knock on the door to see what the residents of today were like. But ... ya see, as I made my way to the house, I noticed something on the ground. It was a dead dog covered in flies, and since I know how the script goes for black folks in every horror film, including in the hit movie Get Out, I took that as a sign that perhaps this is the one door that didn’t get knocked.

Lawrence Ross/The Root
Lawrence Ross/The Root

Sorry, y’all. Had to keep it moving.


Sara Pascoe

That’s it? End of story? No explanation? Did you call animal services to collect the body? I think most jurisdictions have such a thing.