La Guardia and Amalah Cross
YouTube screenshot   

During Black History Month, we’ve been proudly sharing stories that you more than likely never heard about in school. We call these untold stories Hidden History.

One of those stories was about Spotswood Rice, a slave-turned-soldier who was separated from his family and fought tooth and nail to get them back. We wanted to do more with these stories, so we tapped thought leaders, like Soledad O’Brien, who have a connection with each story and had them retell the hidden history live on our Periscope.

La Guardia Cross is a YouTuber you may have seen come across your feed in a way-too-cute video called “Interview With a Toddler.” His channel, New Father Chronicles, features his adorable daughter, Amalah, and showcases how she runs his whole life. We thought this daddy-daughter duo would be perfect to tell Rice’s story.

Check out this amazing video, and you will see why!