'There Certainly Was an Extremely Black Movement': Ibram X. Kendi Recounts How Blackness Has Been on Display in 2020

Ibram X. Kendi, Ph.D. doesn’t necessarily know of the single Blackest moment so far in 2020. This year’s The Root 100 honoree does, however, recognize 2020 as a time greatly influenced by “an extremely Black movement.”

“You have Black folks, you know, all over this country—and really all over the world—who were really showing this deep, sort of, love of Black people,” said the director of Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research.


Watch in the video above as Kendi discusses some of the ways a deep love for Black people was on full display this year, especially during a number of protests demanding justice for Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

Jessica Moulite is an award-winning Video Producer at The Root passionate about dismantling unjust societal power structures and all things Black culture. She's also probably watching “Living Single.”

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