Actor Lance Reddick releases an album, Contemplations and Remembrances.

Best known as Lt. Cedric Daniels on the hit HBO series The Wire, actor Lance Reddick has released his first album, Contemplations and Remembrances. Reddick, 41, who currently stars on the Fox series Fringe, is no stranger to music, having attended the prestigious Eastman School of Music, where he studied classical composition.

Reddick, who plays piano, always wanted to be a musician, but the acting jobs came first, which allowed him to take care of his family. In an interview with the Associated Press, Reddick states, "I got married straight out of school. I started acting, almost on a whim to help my music career. … There were songs I had written from while (I was) in my 20s. … I would sing them around the house from time to time. My daughter said to me one day — this was about 10 years ago — "You should do something with that." I said, "Sweetheart, I think the time's passed. I think I'm too old." She said, "Daddy, that sounds like an excuse to me."

The talented actor, who has starred in several groundbreaking series, including HBO's Oz, is showing fans his first true love, which is groundbreaking in and of itself.

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