The VSB Group Chat: Insecure Season 3, Episode 5, 'High-Like' Recap

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It’s Beyonce or bust for Issa and her girlfriends as they head to Coachella. After what’s been an interesting buildup and letdown with Issa and Daniel and now Issa and Nathan and Molly’s persistent work issues, the ladies needed a break. And with Beyonce on the line?!? #letsgo But ain’t no way this crew wasn’t going to bungle the experience. So Jouelzy and Panama are back to discuss this episode of season 3 Insecure.


Jouelzy: Kelli’s back! And more than just high. They could have thrown in a French Montana “haaaan” for effect, because popping molly + edibles whilst drinking, oh wow. The hilarity was on one hundred and this was one of the most enjoyable episodes of the season.

Panama: I entirely agree...with a caveat. The first, say, 22 minutes bored the living shit out of me but the last 8? I was literally in tears from laughing so hard. Kelli, my Kelli. She was MADE for this shit. Real tears, too. Even Molly upped the comedy chops. This was, for me, probably the most enjoyable episode this season which is saying something since I’m basing it purely on about 8 minutes of the show.

Jouelzy: I don’t even care about Issa doubling down on driving Lyft, we can dig into her perpetual state of shiftlessness next week, give her time to show the growth. But Molly overcompensating at the law firm. I’m a horrible employee, because never in my life have I ever had the desire to take on more work to prove myself. And Molly has enough education, especially as a lawyer, to know she needs to work smarter not harder sis. The game isn’t set to award the hardest worker, Molly should know that.

Panama: I’m with you. I’ve never in my life felt a need to take on more work just to show how dedicated I am. I ain’t in work for the Hardest Worker Awards, I’m in it for the checks which I’m pretty sure still come with or without a Gold Star for Effort.

Jouelzy: Kelli started earlier with the edibles, then telling herself to shut up. Lmao, what kind of edibles to they have in Sunny Los Angeles?

Panama: No comment. But I hear that it never rains in southern California. Though it’s raining in DC right now. Say what? Shut up, P.


Jouelzy: Say no to drugs kids, for sure. But also, men aren’t suppose to take molly. It’s cute and all that Issa’s lightskin love is brimming with this Nanceford character. But my negro must really have some suave superpower if he was able to perform at will after popping a molly....cause uhhh...that’s not how it typically goes. Tell us your secrets, Nathan.

Panama: I can honestly say I have no idea what you’re talking about nor do I have any experience with this, how you say, molly? What is this sorcery?


Jouelzy: HBO gonna get that sex scene by any means necessary. So the young adult novel scenario of being locked in a ferris wheel with your weekend lover, (in my Kelli voice) put that work in Issa! AND WHEN IS KELLI GONNA GET A SEX SCENE? Issa and the magical slithery n*gga are cool but this was the perfect scenario for Kelli to get the loving she deserves, waffles included.

Panama: You know, I agree with you. I just want Kelli to live her best life out here. She is goals and shit with her live life to the fullest while being on top of her shit professionally. I couldn’t be higher on a character. Get her all the sex and all the monies. Can’t we just make Kelli the main character?


Jouelzy: Issa really thinks life as you know it is over for Tiffany. Considering who Tiffany is, maybe Issa isn’t wrong. But for as “responsi-boring” as post Tiffany baby might be, she’s still an adult, a human, and part of this friend group. The constant deriding gave me a bit of sympathy for a character I find otherwise insufferable.

Panama: I’ve still managed to not have much of an opinion on Tiffany. She just seems like a random foil for some reason. I do think, however, that her being pregnant is a great addition to a show that’s about being early 30s-ish. That’s reality for many and a LOT of folks do think life ends when kids show up. It’s an interesting bit of real life friendship occurrences amidst a show about some fairly unbelievable shenanigans. So while I don’t particularly like or dislike Tiffany, I think even the extreme version of her is a nice dose of real life. Plus, she MURDERED that closet scene. That was awesome.


Jouelzy: Kelli reclaiming her time and her space by chopping Becky in the throat. I screamed when she pulled ole girl down from off dude’s shoulders. That was the comic relief we all needed cause I is tired of logging on to Al Gore’s internet everyday to see another white person disrespecting or harming Black and brown people. Chop her in the neck Kelli! If it’s gonna be Beyonce or bust, make that bust count!

Panama: I feel like you need to think about the consequences ahead of time when Beyonce is on the line. But their scuffle did make me laugh and it fit right in line with my theory that white people just do not respect personal space. At the same time, you gon’ leave your spot to a high homie, at a packed and outdoor music festival, well, you gon’ lose your spot. It’s almost dumb to expect otherwise.


Jouelzy: Did Kelli get tased? Was I suppose to laugh at her pain like that? I was in tears when she took a run for it, cause sis, yes the drums starting for Beychella gets me every time too. But whew child, the way she went down, I cried laughing.

Panama: Let me tell you how hard I laughed at her being tased and the way she went down: I fell off my couch onto the floor and couldn’t get up. I made a phone call to the Emmy committee and started campaigning early. Kelli for President. Seriously, everything from them being put out of Coachella on through the rest of the night in the house was pure comedy. It made me entirely forget out how boring the rest of the episode was. Even the super predictable ferris wheel sex bored me.


Jouelzy: I’m taking bets, how much do you think Lawrence’s return is a response to the audience and social media’s reaction to the season thus far?

Panama: I’m so sure that’s part of it that I wouldn’t even bet. Either that or they played the longest game of fake out the audience. Lawrence being back is an interesting decision and possibly a huge cop-out. I think it’s believable, but they managed to dead him, which seemed like a very unpopular opinion. Part of me is curious what happens here but they’ve managed to make me over their relationship so I don’t care for it to return. Yet here we are.


Insecure is acting a little insecure. But Kelli tho!



Kelli had a sex scene. We all gon forget that little scene at the Waffle House in season 2?

Oh ok.

I literally cried this episode. I wanted to cringe when Kelli got tased, but the shit had me in TEARS. Real life tears.

Also, I saw Chatty Patty Chad and KNEW Lawrence was coming back and immediately got hype for the way Issa bout to fuck up her good thing with Nanceford for no real ass reason. Bring on the shenanigans!!!!