The Twilight Zone Trailer: Jordan Peele's Mind Is Out of This Dimension

CBS All Access / YouTube

We’re entering Jordan Peele’s dimension—also known as his mind, y’all.

Peele’s reboot of the Rod Serling classic The Twilight Zone now has an official trailer, and I can’t wait to get lost in the world he creates.


“Everything that happens in this universe has to be the way it is,” we hear in the voiceover as the trailer fades in.

There are some familiar faces, like Sanaa Lathan and Tracy Morgan. As Vanity Fair reported, it also was revealed that Jessica Williams and DeWanda Wise had joined the cast during the Television Critics Association event in January.

Naturally, this reboot is shrouded in mystery, but from the trailer, it looks like certain eerie plot devices will be explored.

1. Seeing the same number over and over again: I’ve recently seen more conversation around this on Twitter. You know that phenomenon when you keep seeing the same time on the clock for days on end? That. People usually tweet it, especially if it’s double numbers like 11:22.

2. Messing with the time-space continuum where everything is going backward.

3. A couple looking for a lost dog that one half of the couple doesn’t believe exists. Oh, Lawd.


4. Premonition. In settings such as this, that ability never goes well.

5. There looks to be a police brutality encounter, but the sociopolitical aspects aren’t clear yet. Toward the end of the trailer, the cop gestures toward a device (it looks like a tape recorder) and yells, “Turn it off!” That certainly reminded me of a timely occurrence.


Plus, Peele breaks the 4th wall in a classic Twilight Zone setting: the diner. He’s such a tease. Overall, I’m super intrigued, as I know Peele will explore fascinating themes.

The Twilight Zone will debut on CBS All-Access on April 1, with a special two-episode premiere.

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This has the potential to be the show to watch. I love the original and Rod Serling in particular. The issues he was writing about and issues surrounding censorship are still around today, and I think Peele is the right person to touch on this nuance.

This is a great interview between Rod Serling and Mike Wallace, and I recommend watching it in it’s entirety.