The Self-Proclaimed 'Greatest Artist That God Has Ever Created' Crashes Joel Osteen's Megachurch, Announces 1st Opera

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As Kanye West’s mental stability continues to erode and his reputation and the quality of his music follows suit, we’ve all watched helplessly as one of the most influential artists of the 21st century has seemingly proceeded to seek and destroy his own career.


And according to People, Reverend Deacon Pastor West continued his confounding crusade for Christ with a little Sunday Service pit stop at Joel Osteen’s 16,800-seat megachurch:

The Jesus Is King rapper, 42, stopped by pastor Joel Osteen‘s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, where he spoke a little about his spiritual journey.

“I know that God’s been calling me for a long time and the devil’s been distracting me for a long time,” he said while standing with the pastor in Osteen’s megachurch.

“When I was in my lowest points, God was there with me and sending me visions and inspiring me, and I remember sitting in the hospital at UCLA after having a mental breakdown and there’s documentation of me drawing a church and [wanting to] start a church in the middle of Calabasas,” he added, referring to his 2016 hospitalization during his Saint Pablo tour.

He went on to declare that “all of that arrogance and cockiness that y’all have seen from me” is in the past and “God is now using him.”

And because Kanye wouldn’t be Kanye without his trademark arrogance and cockiness, he made sure to still clap it up for himself while giving glory to God.

“Jesus has won the victory,” he said. “I told you about my arrogance and cockiness already. Now the greatest artist that God has ever created is now working for him.”

Later that evening, Kanye returned to the megachurch to deliver a riveting two-hour Sunday Service performance that, according to TMZ, included gospel covers of Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed” and SWV’s “Weak,” as well as songs from his latest abomination, Jesus Is King, which presumably made the audience whimper and convulse in agony.


However, that’s not the only highlight of Kanye’s week, because not only did he just buy another $14 million crib in Wyoming, but he also announced that his first opera, Nebuchadnezzar, will make its auspicious debut at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Nov. 24.


It will feature musical performances from his Sunday Service choir and is described as “a passionate retelling of a king gone mad.” Take from that what you will.


And while it’s only Tuesday, the Louis Vuitton Don had another surprise in store:

It looks like ‘Ye and Dr. Dre are in the kitchen cooking up new music for Kanye’s upcoming Jesus Is Born album, allegedly due on Christmas Day. I’d personally rather find coal in my Christmas stocking than hear whatever steaming pile of horse shit they’re concocting at this stage of their careers, but hey, that’s just me.


This concludes “This Week (so far) in Kanye,” though I’m sure the Chicago native will make his triumphant return to my laptop keyboard very soon.

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