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Tonight, America is finally united with a collective case of bubbleguts as we wait to see if the country will reject free health care, tax breaks for the wealthy and the politics of fear and have some common sense for the first time.

The Root will be covering all sides of this historic election. Political Editor Jason Johnson will be on the ground covering Brian Kemp’s attempts to thwart voter turnout in Georgia as well as appearing live on MSNBC before heading to Stacey Abrams’ election headquarters.


Senior Reporter Terrell Starr will be fresh off the campaign trail providing live updates on races around the country from Abrams headquarters. And I will be roaming around Georgia reporting on races around the country as I wait for the deluge of white tears when and if Georgia voters discover that 4C is the hair type of their next governor and not a summary Donald Trump’s third-grade transcript.

We will have the latest news, updates and results on races all around the country.

We’ll be here all night.