The Results Are In: Daniel Cameron Becomes First Black Attorney General in Kentucky

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So election night has come and gone, and while we still have to wait a year—or less, if we’re lucky—to rid ourselves of President Untailored Suit, Tuesday night was still rather eventful.


In Kentucky, Daniel Cameron became the first African American to be elected attorney general in the state. Of additional note, he also became the first Republican—I know, I know—to be elected to the position in over 70 years.

“It’s really heartwarming and encouraging when folks, regardless of political affiliation, walk up to you and express support for the idea that you put yourself out there, and made a decision to put your name on a ballot,” Cameron told LEX 18 on Tuesday. “I can hit the ground running. I bring that experience to the table.”

Elsewhere in Kentucky, Democrat Andy Beshear secured a major victory in the conservative state and gave Republican Gov. Matt Bevin his eviction notice. Despite Trump’s best efforts to rally voters in Lexington, Ky. ahead of the election, Republicans took a major L in a state where the party holds both U.S. Senate seats, five out of six state House seats, and supermajorities in both chambers of the state legislature. Oh, and Trump won the state by 30 points in 2016.

So as Diddy would so graciously proclaim: “Take that, take that.”


In Virginia, Democrats flipped both the state House and Senate, seizing complete control of the government and restoring order to a General Assembly that previously was too closely aligned with the NRA and wore one too many MAGA hats.


In Mississippi, Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves edged out his Democratic adversary Attorney General Jim Hood in the governor’s race, proving that Trump’s influence still reigns supreme in the Confederate bowels of America.


Vox notes that each of these wins proves deepened interest in increased healthcare access and Medicaid expansion as the blue wave continues to gain momentum leading into next year’s presidential election.

Oh, and because not all heroes wear capes, shoutout to Juli Briskman for winning a seat on her county board of supervisors.


Yes, that Juli Briskman:



“...he also became the first Republican—I know, I know...
So I guess more hugs for maniac cops, special attention from the Whyt House and Kanye visits?