Let our next greatest achievement be realizing the dream of full equality for all of us ...

- Human Rights Campaign President, Alphonso David, as reported by Maiysha Kai -


The Purple City Comedy Gang

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Cameron Giles, better known to (some of) the world as Cam'ron, Killa Cam or "that dude who told Anderson Cooper he wouldn't even snitch on a serial killer," will be adding to that litany: The Black Larry David, the mind behind Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Cam'ron's Enthusiasm

This is almost as good as The Buzz's dream of seeing a Nonsensical Rhyme-Off between Cam and Noreaga. Classic. The part about calling his Jewish lawyer to get the OK on content almost seems ridiculous until you consider the recent attempts at cultural "humor" who clearly thought little of such consultations.

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