The Pop Up: Once You Hear the Voice of Roc Nation’s Darling, Victory Boyd, You’ll Realize Why Jay-Z Loves Her

Victory Boyd is Roc Nation’s newest darling. She’s a young black queen from New Jersey by way of Detroit. In fact, Victory’s dad, John Boyd (who came with her to The Root’s office) founded the Boys and Girls Choirs of Detroit. Why am I telling you about Victory’s dad before I tell you more about her? It’s because the Boyds are all musicians, and family is first when it comes to Victory.


Victory told The Root, “Me and my siblings we have a band called Infinity’s Song, and we’ve traveled all over, singing together.”

She was discovered after years of playing New York City subway platforms and the Bethesda Fountain in the city’s Central Park with her 10 siblings singing right alongside her. You might even still be able to catch the Boyds, aka Infinity’s Song, in Central Park.

She’d write songs, take them to the streets of New York to practice them and then gauge the crowd’s reaction around what to keep. The Boyds got a chance to play for Jay-Z, and without hesitation, he signed the harmonious family. Victory is the family’s breakout star, setting the foundation with her extended-play “A New Dawn,” and now her album, The Broken Instrument, releasing today, Friday.

Don’t worry—Victory’s family album will come next!

If you were to define Victory Boyd’s sweet sound, you could call it a mix of soul, jazz and folk. She pulls inspiration from Tracy Chapman, Ella Fitzgerald, Roberta Flack and Nina Simone, but with an updated and youthful twist.

We were lucky enough to get Victory to stop by for The Root’s The Pop Up video performance series for Black Music Month, and she poured her entire soul out for us, singing her tune “Open Your Eyes” and covers that we all love, like “A Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Feeling Good” and more.

Check out Victory’s soothing performance and insightful interview in the video above.

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