The Noose Is Loose: Racist Symbol Found Inside Auburn University’s Dormitory

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Nina Simone opened her banned 1964 song “Mississippi, Goddamn” with the line: “Alabama’s got me so upset…”

And 55 years later, it still rings true.

Racism in the heart of Dixie continues to rear its ugly head.

A noose was discovered in a dormitory at the Yellowhammer State’s beloved Auburn University, reports the Associated Press.


Late Wednesday, the school’s safety and security department tweeted that “an extension cord tied as a noose” was discovered and “quickly” removed Wednesday from a common area of the building.

An investigation is underway and the school is asking for the campus community’s support in getting information about the incident.

Auburn went the extra mile in stating that the noose is linked to racial violence in the United States. After all, no one should take for granted that the Gen Z demographic truly knows about this tragic part of America’s story.

“Intolerance, intimidation and threatening behavior have no place on Auburn’s campus,” the school—which boasts Octavia Spencer, Cam Newton, Lionel Richie and Apple CEO Tim Cook among its alumni.


“We condemn this action as antithetical to the values of the Auburn Family,” the tweet concluded.


According to the Associated Press, the university’s current enrollment of about 30,460 students is 75 percent white and about 5 percent black.

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You know what would be cool? If all the black members of The Alabama Crimson Tide & Auburn Tigers said nah we don’t need to play a week from Saturday. Then the good citizens of Alabama could get what they want, an all white team entertaining them. Right I mean that is what you want isn’t it? I mean the only thing we are good for in your eyes is to entertain you. Just secede, do it.