The LA Riots Won't Happen Again

The Washington Post
The Washington Post

Writing for Ebony, Mychal Denzel Smith says that black Millennials look back at the unrest and destruction of 1992 and ask, "What did that accomplish?"


It has nothing to do with whether Black youth are less angry, less committed to ending racism, or are “post-race.” None of these things are true. We appear more complacent to our elders because we’re not out in the streets every other week marching or protesting. I’m sure if those were the only tools available to us, that’s exactly where we would take the fight, but our generation has a much deeper war chest and different outlook.

The riots in L.A. were a horrific scene, but for quite a few observers they were the natural outgrowth of the volatility brewing throughout the Reagan/Bush years. Between trickle down economics and the “war on drugs,” what happened in L.A. was the product of lighting a match next an overflowing powder keg.

We, speaking of Black Millenials, think back to that time or watch the footage now, of people burning down storefronts, looting, viciously beating people in the streets, and mostly come away with the question: “what did that accomplish?” It’s an episode of total chaos, and at the end of it all, the cops still got off. You’re not going to find too many Black Millenials that are down for that sh-t.

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