The House of Abundance: The Carters Eyeball the Colosseum in Rome for Next Video and Give Us a Glimpse of The Twins on a Yacht

Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy
Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy
Image: Christopher Polk (Getty Images for NARAS)

The Carters are in the midst of their On the Run II tour currently and you can basically call it a stunt-on-all-of-us-relentlessly tour. The lovebirds were recently spotted on a yacht, because where else would you spot them? But this time momma Beyoncé and poppa Jay-Z had the babies with them, well one of the twins, which means we get to see Rumi or Sir!


In a series of creepy paparazzi shots (h/t TMZ) that I am so grateful for, you can see Bey and Jay passing one of the twins off and in one of the pics, Bey is helping the baby walk by holding their arms above their head. OMG, Rumi and Sir are walking! Well, they are a year-old now. Sheesh, where has the time gone?!

Of course, our favorite big sister was there, casually hanging out with her superstar mommy on their yacht of wealth. There’s one shot where Blue is peering through a pair of binoculars. You know she saw the paparazzi and gave them her signature side eye, which is likely why there are only 10 images.

I’m wondering if The Carters took this sailing mansion to Rome to stake out their next video location. Rumor has it, Bey and Jay are eyeballing the Colosseum in Rome for a video shoot. Listen, my fingertips just cried in broke typing out that sentence.

When these two tell us to watch the throne, they’re not just saying it for their health. The Carters have already made all of our jaws drop shooting the “Apeshit” video at one of the most premiere museums the world has ever seen, The Louvre in France. Now they’ve got their sights on Rome. But wait, there’s an issue.

The Italian newspaper Il Messaggero is reporting that Bey applied for a permit to film at the Colosseum in Rome earlier this month, but was turned down because it was booked and her application didn’t give them enough turn-around time.

Beyoncé doesn’t have to give you the proper amount of time. You change those events and allow whoever is using it to pick whatever new date they want, just not Bey’s.


But we all know, when Beysus says yes, nobody can say no. Bey resubmitted her application like the king she is and the response was not an immediate no. Guess what? Our queen’s application is under review because Rome (yes, all of it) knows better.

It’s not like Bey hasn’t filmed there before. Back in 2004, she filmed an epic Pepsi commercial alongside pop princesses, Britney Spears and Pink.


I don’t know about y’all, but I am hype for whatever video this is about to be. What song do you think The Carters are shooting a video in the Colosseum for? I feel in my soul it’s “Heard About Us.”

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I’m here for the “House Of Abundance” line...