The Homecoming Playlist: Turn-Up at the Tailgate

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Illustration: Benjamin Currie (G/O Media)

A few months after the summer cookouts are over and right before hibernation mode kicks in, there’s one last annual turn-up that’s a staple of black culture. It’s that time of the year known as homecoming season—an important time, filled with step shows, galas, panel discussions and more.


But the most anticipated and highly attended event of homecoming season is the tailgate. Now, for most people (outside the world of HBCUs), tailgating usually takes place before the big football game. However, for folks at an HBCU, tailgating is an all-day affair. Many times, people don’t even make it to the game because of the extensive turn-up during the tailgate.

The songs featured in this playlist are an ode to the HBCU homecoming experience and all of its glory.

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AKA down south niggas born in the 80's Flabby and Sick Playlist.

I’m from Harlem. Mine would be filled with Big L, Dipset and MF Doom.