When I first read about the women of Nairobi going on some kind of “sex strike,” I thought it was the dumbest, ugliest thing I'd heard all week. Not only is it stupid, it props up this ugly myth about black men, that we are only motivated by our penises.  I have never, ever read anything about white women putting on some kind of Booty Strike in the name of politics or anything else – at least, not successfully. Who is the nitwit who thought sex deprivation would motivate men into political discourse?

What's more likely is, the Great African Booty Strike will end up with alot of brothers in the clinic, burning like Heat Miser with diseases they contracted while tricking-off with prostitutes. Or other kinds of infidelity will run rampant. Nairobi has a healthy population of women and Sisters, just FYI, it’s like noted feminist and champion for women’s rights Millie Jackson used to say, “what you won’t do, another woman will.” Truer words have never been spoken. Depriving a man of sex is like taking a twig from a bird: take it, because there are so many others, just lying around, waiting to be picked up. Maybe the brothers in Nairobi don't know this and are dumber, on average, than Black American men. But I doubt it.


Maybe I should put my African homies up on some game. Listen up.

See, I hear tales of women right here in the States who try to motivate men by withholding sex, or using sex to barter favor.  We even have a term for women who behave like that:  “single.” I have never had a woman try that maneuver on me, because they know, as it stands, I have to farm out all my extra play: I got an intern handling my run-off.*  So any woman that even tried that with me would know I wouldn’t miss a stroke. No ma’am.  The key is to make sure SHE’LL miss it more than YOU will, Japhi-Jopher. Anytime you are slave to the flesh, you are subject to get stole on. So if brothers in the Motherland are all strung out like that, they need to get some game in their lives. Seriously.

But, as always, I’m willing to admit that I may have it wrong.  Maybe withholding sex or using sex to motivate behavior works. What do you think?

Does using sex to motivate behavior work? Should women – or anyone—be bartering with sex?


*may be a slight exaggeration.

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