Michelle Obama at the State of the Union address (Getty Images News)

In a blog entry at News One, Tamika Mallory weighs in on the GOP's racially motivated attacks against Michelle Obama. She says that the lingerie-spree rumor is an example of the party's persistent efforts to puncture the first lady's high approval rating. She argues that black voters cannot allow her to be slandered.

… Following in conservative footsteps, now everyone appears to think it’s appropriate to make outrageous claims against the First Lady. The latest example: British publications printing stories of Michelle spending $50,000 on undergarments.


The fact that White House press secretary Jay Carney had to take time on Monday to denounce the underwear rumor is proof that the allegations against the First Lady are out of control. And now that we’re in an election year, things are likely to get worse. Because Michelle Obama represents so much of what we love, they will do everything they can to smear her image and that of the President. It’s our duty to make sure that they don’t succeed. Make no mistake: smearing them is an attempt to diminish our own self-esteem.

I asked my mother the other day if she’s ever seen any First Lady repeatedly insulted like Michelle Obama has been. The answer, not surprisingly, was a definite “NO.” Throughout it all, Mrs. Obama has taken the barrage of attacks with grace and dignity, while disproving everything with her actions — just like a strong Black woman would. And I should know, a strong Black woman is me; she is you and we cannot allow her to be slandered.

Read Tamika Mallory's entire blog entry at News One.

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